Fastest Electric Car? Tesla Model S P85D

Tesla P85D

0-60 in 3.2 seconds! The car of the future is here today.  4 wheel drive dual motors and a range of 300 miles Tesla have come along way with their development.  The Tesla Model S P85D even has an autopilot which automatically follows the road, steering around curves and varying its speed to match the flow of traffic. Automatically change lanes by tapping the turn signal. Aware of its surroundings, Model S warns you when merging into an occupied lane or approaching a stopped car too quickly. In emergency conditions, Model S safely brings itself to a full stop

Autopilot Parking
The Model S helps you find a parking spot and automatically parks in it. In the city, it will notify you when it finds a parallel parking spot, then control steering, acceleration and deceleration to back smoothly into it. When approaching a Supercharger station, Model S automatically parks in an open stall. Model S will even park itself in your garage at home.

With calendar syncing enabled, Model S checks current traffic conditions to determine how much time is needed to make your first meeting of the day. At the right time, it turns on the climate control and opens the garage door. On private property, Model S will even pull out of the garage and meet you at the curb.

The problem I have always had with electric cars is the time it takes to recharge and the range. An hour for charging will give you 68 miles of charge.  So an overnight charge will give you the full 300 mile range. But, now there are superchargers! A Supercharger can charge about half the battery in 20 minutes which make this just about as practical as a performance petrol car.

Superchargers will be positioned at convenient locations along major routes throughout Europe & the United Kingdom. Superchargers are free to Model S owners, and always will be.  Now that’s economical.

You’ll never have to pay for petrol or diesel again, the only snag is the price.  Starting at just over £50,000 for the base model and going up to £78,000+ with extras like autopilot and more.

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