Fastest Electric Car? Tesla Model S P85D

Tesla P85D

0-60 in 3.2 seconds! The car of the future is here today.  4 wheel drive dual motors and a range of 300 miles Tesla have come along way with their development.  The Tesla Model S P85D even has an autopilot which automatically follows the road, steering around curves and varying its speed to match the flow of traffic. Automatically change lanes by tapping the turn signal. Aware of its surroundings, Model S warns you when merging into an occupied lane or approaching a stopped car too quickly. In emergency conditions, Model S safely brings itself to a full stop

Autopilot Parking
The Model S helps you find a parking spot and automatically parks in it. In the city, it will notify you when it finds a parallel parking spot, then control steering, acceleration and deceleration to back smoothly into it. When approaching a Supercharger station, Model S automatically parks in an open stall. Model S will even park itself in your garage at home.

With calendar syncing enabled, Model S checks current traffic conditions to determine how much time is needed to make your first meeting of the day. At the right time, it turns on the climate control and opens the garage door. On private property, Model S will even pull out of the garage and meet you at the curb.

The problem I have always had with electric cars is the time it takes to recharge and the range. An hour for charging will give you 68 miles of charge.  So an overnight charge will give you the full 300 mile range. But, now there are superchargers! A Supercharger can charge about half the battery in 20 minutes which make this just about as practical as a performance petrol car.

Superchargers will be positioned at convenient locations along major routes throughout Europe & the United Kingdom. Superchargers are free to Model S owners, and always will be.  Now that’s economical.

You’ll never have to pay for petrol or diesel again, the only snag is the price.  Starting at just over £50,000 for the base model and going up to £78,000+ with extras like autopilot and more.

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Mobile Car Body Paint, Scratch & Bumper Repairs

Motorists in Europe enjoy more mobility between than the continent and the island nation of the United Kingdom than in days gone by. Many people travel back and forth for their holidays while others are making more permanent moves. Adjusting to driving on the opposite side of the road means that minor dents and scrapes are inevitable. Even the most careful driver can find himself with scuffed paint or dented body work.

Rather than lose half a day of your life shopping around for the right garage and making an appointment for car paint repairs, you can summon a mobile team to come to you. Mobile car body repairs usually take between one and two hours to complete. You can have your vehicle restored to its former glory and the family and neighbours will be none the wiser about your mishap.

More information at The Mobile Paint Repair Company

Because the workshop is mobile, paint is mixed en route to the scene of the bumper repair, saving time. Low overheads mean that the team can offer mobile car body repairs at a fraction of the price of a conventional paint shop. Minor scuffs and scratches and even slightly more complex repairs can usually be performed for less than £100. That said, it is a good idea to make sure the repair company is fully insured.

The types of car scratch repair that a mobile team are able to carry out include:

Car Body Paint Repairs

Stubborn bollards crunch in your passenger door? It’s surprising how much damage can result from even a low energy impact.

Trim Repair

Scuffed trim can often be an unfortunate consequence of that popular British pastime, kerb-hopping.

Bumper Repair

Londoners are prone to snuggling up to black cabs at traffic lights. Lanes come and go to fit the space at their disposal, sometimes without warning. Then there are cyclists. As lovely and green as they may be, come with the territory when driving through the city. They whiz past on both sides of the vehicle. This makes the driver feel like royalty but carries with it a small risk of a scraped bumper.

Car Scratch Repairs

As long as there are hedges lining driveways and narrow, winding country roads, there will be minor car scratches. An immaculate paint job can also be a tempting target for vandals. Those scratches that can’t be fixed with a lick of rubbing compound and a bit of elbow grease may need a quick paint touch-up.

Whether it’s intercontinental culture shock, a meandering drive down a country lane or the rough and tumble of urban commuting, sooner or later many of us will find ourselves in need of a car scratch repair. Modern life is hectic enough without having to take time out to visit a car paint shop.

A company that can perform mobile car body paint, scratch and bumper repairs can be a genuine life saver under these circumstances. Much of the preparation involved in mixing the paint can be carried out while the repair team is on its way to your location.

If you are in the UK in the Surrey, Kent or London areas and require a mobile car body paint repair company or need your bumper repaired contact The Mobile Paint Repair Company. Find out more about SMART paint repair on their FAQ page


How Paintless Dent Removal Can Make Your Car Look Like New

Cars get dented, even if their owners are extremely careful. Supermarket trolleys can roll into them, careless drivers who park too close can ding them. Neighborhood children, as well as your own children, may pose the biggest threat to your cars smooth finish. There was a time when removing dents was an expensive process, involving sanding and painting. Now, there is a process for paintless dent removal that can offer you high-quality car dent repair work without the expensive price tag.

Car dealers, rental agencies and auction houses have been using the paintless dent removal technique for more than a decade. Most people, however, are still not aware that this is an option for their own cars. Dents as large in diameter as a soccer ball can be removed from body panels, without requiring any sanding or repainting.

As the process becomes more refined, and more companies begin to offer paintless dent repair, it becomes more widely accepted. Some insurance companies will even cover the cost of these repairs, as they represent a substantial savings over traditional dent repair methods. Part of the reason this type of repair has become so successful is that auto manufacturers are using stronger metals with paint finishes that are more resilient, allowing this technique to be developed.

There are some limitations to what this type of dent repair can handle. The size of the dent can range from very small to the size of a larger ball. Because this technique depends on stronger metals and higher quality paint finishes, it is typically not suitable for cars built before 1990. Additionally, the paint over the dent must be unbroken, without any cracks or chips. Dents should be located well away from any panel edges. Dents that are too close to an edge, or panels that have previously been repaired, will not be considered good candidates for this type of repair. There are occasions where the dent cannot be removed completely but can be smoothed out enough that it becomes very difficult to see.

There are several advantages to this style of car dent repair. Because there is no need to sand, fill or repaint anything there is a substantial savings on the cost. The work can typically be done in short time, so you won’t have to be without your car for days or even weeks. And the car’s value will be protected, as there is no risk of the paint colour not matching or overspray from the repair landing where it shouldn’t.

This technique is performed by highly qualified, trained specialists. They use specialized tools to simply push the metal back into place from the backside of the panel. The panels are typically accessed either by removing some trim pieces on the outside or by removing some inner panels to gain access. The technician works from the outside edges of the dent, gradually moving and massaging the metal back into place.

A reputable company will offer you a satisfaction guarantee. Not all dents can be removed with this dent removal technique. If the paint has already cracked, you will be facing the expense of sanding and painting. It is important that you have the dent surveyed by a reputable company, well versed in the art of removing dents without damaging the paint. Because this technique does not require any parts, paint or electricity, the dent removal company should be able to come out to you. This makes it a highly convenient repair, as well as an affordable one.

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